Tuesday, May 22, 2007

GOD IS MY CO-PILOT - Sous Les Paves, La Plage - Tour CDR 2005?

God Is My Co-Pilot is a queercore band from New York City that has been recording and playing since 1991. Their music has been variously described as experimental, noise rock, hardcore punk and avant jazz. Stay Free zine said of the music, "We hear a new sound, 'free punk' we'll call it." The band themselves disliked that phrase, preferring not to classify their music at all.
The two main members are Sharon Topper, vocalist, and Craig Flanagin, guitar. The band is often joined by guest musicians such as John Zorn, Jad Fair, and many others. Members have included Fly on high-end bass, Daria Klotz on low-end bass and Fredrik Haake on drums. [wikipedia]


01 straight pas 2:32
02 far more attractive 5:09
03 la v'1 vieux garcons 2:15
04 laisse tomber les filles 1:28
05 rateau 1:44
06 girly loop 4:52
07 seven little ghosts 2:55
08 c'etait 1 jeune fille 1:36
09 chatouiller 2:43
10 belle 3:18
11 keserves 1:18
12 niwa no creap 3:02
13 boxstitch 2:18
14 bag of hammers 2:55
15 je suis satisfait 1:50
16 csardas 8:02


If anyone knows anything about this release, please add a comment!
Thank you very much!

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i don't know anything about it, but enjoyed what i heard up to now from god-co (which isn't much, though!). many months ago i posted their 'mir shlufn nisht' album, but the link + post are long gone... and i think it's quite available.

just a few days ago i finally got värttinä's 'oi dai' album. since i heard god-co's version of "vot vot ja nin nin" i've been looking for this - and suffice to say, the original version sounds much folkier and doesn't have the hard edges...

thx for sharing some sharon+craig ;)

Anonymous said...

hello,the zip is broken

Anonymous said...

Hello! Thank you for this album! Please, share other albums of GODCO, for example Mir Shlufn Nisht. (Sorry for my bad English - I am student from Russia)

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